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    2012/06/25 ~ 27
Guidelines for Poster Sessions
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Size of Poster Materials
The poster area for each presentation is 0.95m wide by 1.15m high. The size of poster materials should, accordingly, be easily read at a distance of a few meters. The title and list of authors, along with addresses and affiliations, should be printed in large, block letters. Small, poorly prepared graphs and tables require readers to stand close to the poster, blocking the view of your presentation from other attendees. The posting of pages of a manuscript is strongly discouraged.  A few oversized graphs and tables with concise captions will easily catch the attention of your viewers who can then be engaged in more detailed discussion.

Display boards about 1m widely 1.2 m high will be available for the poster session from 12:30 on June 27. Authors should set up their materials on later than 13:30 and remove them by 16:00 on June 27.

All authors are requested to be at their posters during the session. In order to ensure a high quality presentation, all poster materials must be in printed form.