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Workshop Speaker
Speaker: Prof. Adrian Stern
Affiliation: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Topic: Integral imaging form various perspectives
Abstract: During the last almost two decades we are witnessing a renewed interest in integral imaging due to new application opportunities made possible owing to new emerging technologies. The renewed interest in integral imaging has brought intense research effort that has joint the previous research done during the century since its invention. The research carried out by researches from various fields reveals different perspectives of the technology, each using its terminology and models. We'll provide an overview of the various approaches and models used to analysis integral imaging systems. After bridging between terminologies, we'll identify opportunities and inherent limitations of integral imaging technique.

  1. Principle of Integral Imaging (InI)
  2. Image Formation analysis
    1. Geometrical optical approach
    2. Wave optical approach
    3. Ray-phase space approach
  3. Performance analysis
    1. Geometrical viewing and visual specifications
    2. Resolution
    3. Depth of field
    4. Fundamental paradigm
    5. Information capacity
  4. Selected Techniques
    1. For InI Capturing
    2. Computational InI
    3. For (InI) display
  5. Summary