For Authors

  Instruction for Oral Presenters


Presentation timeslot

Session type Invited Oral
Total length 20 min(including Q&A) 15 min(including Q&A)

Before the presentation

1. Please arrive at the appointed meeting room 15 minutes ahead and reconfirm your presentation slides with conference staff.

2. Conference staff will stand by at each session to provide relevant assistance accordingly.

3. All presentations shall be made in English.

Facilities in room

1. Each session room will be equipped with a computer and a LCD projector. The operating system for the session room computer will be Microsoft Windows 7, with PowerPoint 2010 and PDF reader installed.

2. Each session room computer will be equipped with USB ports to read USB flash memory stick. The presenter must load the presentation file onto the session room computer prior to the start of the session.

3. If you hope to connect your own computer to the projector for presentation, please arrive at the session room earlier to confirm your device will work well.

  Instruction for Poster presenters


1. The poster size is [90 cm (W) x120 cm (H)].

2. Presenting authors are required to set up their materials at designated hours (to be announced). Authors who wish to keep their posters should remove them after the presentation.

3. Any remaining posters will be removed by conference staff when the session concludes.

4. Presenting authors are requested to stand by their posters during the whole presentation time.

  Instruction for Demonstration presenters


3DSA 2018 provides each presenter a desk with [90 cm (W) ´ 120 cm (H)] and electric plug with 110V.