DSA2018 welcomes any topics relating to interaction and 3D display technologies, systems, applications and other hyper-realistic systems.

In particular, this year’s 3DSA will feature the following 4 special hot topics: Light Field & Integrated Image, Holographic Technology, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, 3D Biomedical Imaging/3D Microscopy & Endoscopy.

1) 3D Capturing and Processing

2) 3D Coding & Transmission

3) 3D Contents and Applications

4) Free Viewpoint Image Systems

5) Ultra-Realistic AV Systems

6) Immersive Display System

7) Interactive Systems

8) Human Brain Sensing

9) Light Field & Integrated Image

10) Holographic Technology

11) Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

12) 3D Biomedical Imaging/3D Microscopy & Endoscopy



Dr. Naoya Koizumi, (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Merging computer graphics into real world using mid-air imaging technology

Dr. Itaru Kitahara, (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Free-Viewpoint Video Generation in Sports Stadium

Dr. Ken-ichi Aoshima (NHK)
Magneto-optical Spatial Light Modulator with Narrow Pixel Pitch for Holography Application

Dr. Jaejoong Kwon, (SAMSUNG DISPLAY, Republic of Korea)
Analysis of Optical Elements Influencing 3D Image Qualities in a Light Field Display Using Micro Lens Array

Dr. Jeongil Seo, (ETRI, Republic of Korea)
ETRI R&D Direction for Immersive Media

Dr. Choonsung Shin, (KETI, Republic of Korea)
Conceptual Framework for Augmenting Human Visual Perception and Cognition

Dr. Yo-Sung Ho, (GIST, Republic of Korea)
3D Video Capturing and Processing for Immersive AR/VR Applications

Dr. Osamu Matoba, (Kobe University, Japan)
Review of 3D Display using Binary Phase Modulation

Mr. Weng-Long Liang, (Jorjin Technologies Inc., Taiwan)
Smart glasses are Invisible revolution on the way

Dr. Huang-Ming Chen, (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
Pursuing Fast-response, Low Spatially Anamorphic Phenomenon 2K1K LCoS-SLM for 3D Holography

Dr. Xiangyu Quan, (Kobe University, Japan)
Multimodal digital holographic microscopy and applications on live cell imaging